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Pay per Click Display Ads

What is Pay per click and Display Ads?

Pay per click is also known as PPC. It is an advertisement model where an advertiser has to pay for his ad on the basis of clicks. It is a way of purchasing visits for your sites rather than growing organically.

Display ads are advertisements that you see while browsing the internet. They can be seen while streaming a video as well.

Le Socialee offers YouTube ads as well. We create the advertisements graphics and budget for you as well.

What do we do?

We will be running ads based on your target audience. We create and add all the demographics and elements needed. Apart from that, we also create a killer ad copy for you. Ad copies are essential if you want to gain results in the field of PPC.

Le Socialee deals in Google Adwords as well. We give you a complete strategy for the same. Apart from that, we help you with remarketing and retargeting as well. A system which gives the highest ROI.

Our Approach

We understand your needs and budget and then create a strategy based on that.

We create ad copies, research on keywords and demographics to fill in the right details for your profit.

Campaign Management
We set up ad campaigns for you. Also, we monitor each and everything in your campaign including the landing page development as well.

We will submit the complete campaign management and analysis report to you.


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